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Consumerism :  Capitalism Without Crises

by  Harry A. Shamir

Consumerism - the set of socioeconomic attitudes and activities having the Satisfaction of the Consumers as core values.
A candid portrayal and analysis of the socioeconomic structure stemming from the goals of Consumerism.
Consumerism evolves from Capitalism.  It stresses entrepreneurism.  It views the satisfaction of the public as the source of all wealth.

see Consumerism webpage

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Marinair Ltd :  Marinair Floatation Safety

Established in December 2007, Marinair Ltd. is offering as its first product a family of materials called Floatfoam™-A.

Floatfoam is a family of copolymers solid expanded foams used for Floatation and life preservation, Shock absorbtion, vibration and sound deadening, thermal and electrical insulation, isolation, panel and window protection, and more.  Floatfoams do not dissolve in gasoline, but will absorb it for mopping purposes.  Floatfoams are stronger, tougher, more resilient and easier to work with than expanded polystyrene (EPS), do not disintegrate upon cutting and drilling into, will accept anchorscrews and anchorbolts for screw attachments, and are easy to bond (epoxies and other adhesives).  Far less brittle than most polyurethanes and other foams.  Available in blocks, or molded to specifications.

NEWS:    In 2014 we are experimenting with Floatfoam panels as insulation for homes, as well as wall panels accepting of anchorscrews for hanging pictures, tools, and others. These panels may be painted or covered with fabrics.   Among the advantages of Floatfoam over wood is that it will not take mold, not rot, nor attract vermin.  A strong advantage over polyurethane is that there is no outgassing.  A strong advantage over spun glass fiber insulation is that it is rigid and accepts anchorscrews.


As of   December 1, 2013

Marinair Ltd has agreed to provide corporate services to SaEF Technologies, the technology branch of the MA South Shore SaEF Fencing Clubs.  Please see SaEF Technologies page.


NEW NEW NEW :  As of January 1 2014, Marinair Ltd. has agreed to provide corporate services to R&DA Co., a Consulting group in the fields of Engineering, new products development, solutions to problems both large and minute, and assistance to nascent companies.  Please see About Us page.