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 Material ordered:                      Floatfoam™-A  1.5 lb/cuft,  nominal dimensions 2 ft x 2 ft.

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 Currently not in stock                1”            To be available in packages of 4




 Material will be shipped by commercial freight prepaid with order, from our warehouse to the above shipping address.   Marinair Ltd. will endeavor timely shipping and good packaging, but will not be responsible for any losses, direct or indirect, stemming from any aspect of this order, other than non-delivery or damaged goods, in which case Marinair Ltd. will endeavor to replace the damaged goods upon their return, or receipt of proof of non-delivery, within 60 days of shipping.

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 Currently Marinair Ltd. is accepting orders by mail, paid by check or cash or money orders.  Please print form and mail with payment to above address.  Orders will be filled ASAP, on a first come, first served basis, for as long as we have stock.

 For current prices, please call (USA+) 508 747 5803 for a quote, or mail or e-mail form to .