Marinair Ltd. : multiproducts

Our Company

Established in December 2007, our company has currently three Divisions:

Marinair Ltd. itself provides products:  Materials, and Devices, and applications Engineering.

R&DA provides Engineering and Solutions for all types of technical and many administrive problems.

SaEF Technologies  provides technical services and products for the sport of Fencing.   SaEF Tech is an outgrowth of the collaboration between R&DA and the MA South Shore SaEF Fencing Clubs.

Marinair Ltd.

Our first product is the material Floatfoam™-A, where the letter "A", "B", etc, denotes the grade.  Floatfoam™-A is a very lightweight material that looks like polystyrene but is NOT.  See "Products" for more information.

We are developing additional materials in the Floatfoam family - please contact us for specific inquiries.

We are also developing other materials for a multiplicity of applications.

We are also developing application products (devices) with the above materials.

We are asking boatowners to investigate if their boats are visible on other boats' radars. Many fiberglass or wooden hulls are not visible by ship radar.

If not, we would like to offer a test panel of our Radar Reflective paint. The design of the paint is such that if the panel is presented at almost any angle in the range of a scanning radar unit, the panel will become visible to the radar.

Please contact us at 508 747 5803 or .


R&DA Co.

R&DA provides consulting engineering services to clients, including product invention and development, and initial manufacturing management upon request.

We excel at assisting nascent companies and startups, including authoring of Business Plans.