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SaEF Technologies - For the Sport of Fencing

SaEF Technologies is engaged in the creation of:

Novel technologies @ low cost for wireless electronic scoring of Fencing bouts.

Apps of same principles will be available for other sports & uses.

In more detail:

We are participating in the Wireless 2016 contest issued by the Federation Internationale d'Escrime in 2013.  The testing date has been brought forward SEVEN months, and we are now struggling to raise funds.   Please see Indie-Go-Go for crowdfunding support and specify SaEF Technologies , and either Contribute or obtain equity in us through them, or contact us directly by 'phone or e-mail . 

Based on recent advances in microelectronics and electromagnetics, we will provide the sport of Fencing lower cost & wireless solutions to the vexing problems of wired weapons and cabled connection to electronic scoring displays.

"Cable-Less" elements will retail $300-500, and a system for under $2000, replacing the current $10,000 radio systems and bring the technique into the afford-range of individual Fencers.

"Wire-Free" pricing will be similar, and will eliminate the wiring in Foil and Epee blades. 

Within five years the gross retail income is estimated to rise to $4-8 Million per year.

The off-strip Receiver connected to any Scoring Display device, will retail at about $900.

Sought are $250,000 ultimately, but right now we need $100,000, or even half that.

Presales are welcome, equity investments can be negotiated, and even goodwill contributions are accepted, as detailed in the Indie-Go-Go.


SaEF Technologies is willing to discuss anyone's participation in this project.

Please contact SaEF Technologies at  508 747 5803 or  or 

MA South Shore Fencing Clubs at 508 747 5803 or at .